How to Connect Shopify Store on StoreAutomator

In order to integrate your Shopify account with StoreAutomator, you'll need to provide your Shopify API credentials:

  • API Key
  • API Password (Admin API Access Token)
  • API Secret Key

Here's how: 

1- Create a Custom App in the App Development section of Shopify or follow the steps shared in the images below.

2- Go to Apps


3- Go to App and sales channel settings


4- Scroll down and click on Develop apps for your store


5- Click on Allow custom app development


6- Go to Create an app


7- Name the app Storeautomator, the App developer will be your shopify admin login and click Create app.


8- Click Configure Admin API Scopes:



Check all boxes for all of the various permissions where possible. At minimum you need to select:

Read and Write for the following permissions:

  • Assigned fulfillment orders
  • Draft orders
  • Fulfillment services
  • Inventory
  • Merchant-managed fulfillment orders
  • Orders
  • Price rules
  • Products
  • Reports
  • Returns
  • Shipping
  • Third-party fulfillment orders
  • Translations

Read Access to the following:

  • Locations
  • Product listings
  • Shopify Payments payouts

Make sure to scroll this list all the way to the bottom to see the needed permissions settings and click Save button.


9- Go to Configuration tab and configure Storefront API integration:


10- Allow the app to access the Storefront API as shown below.(Select all the boxes)


11- Go back to the Overview tab and click Install app


12- Go to your Shopify channel API Connection settings  in StoreAutomator to finalize Connection settings.


13- Fill in your store name(Make sure you use your own "" URL, not the example URL shown in the image below), disable public authentication and save the changes as shown below.


14- In Shopify, go to API credentials and enter your connection information you see here in each of the fields in the StoreAutomator Shopify channel API Connection settings.


After completing this process, remember to click the Save button again.

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