DEAR Integration

API Connection

The user needs to put “Account ID” and “Application Key” information under the DEAR Channel > Channel > Channel Settings > API Connection


Default Settings

To be able to forward order, the user needs to fill default values for the following under the DEAR Channel > Channel > Channel Settings > DEAR Settings:

-        Payment Term

-        Account Receivable

-        Revenue Account

-        Payment Account

-        Tax Rule

We will pass these values directly to DEAR without processing them in any way.


Warehouse Management

To be able to import quantities, we need to know how to map DEAR warehouses to StoreAutomator warehouses.

The user needs to select related mappings under the DEAR Channel > Channel > Channel Settings > DEAR Settings.

Inventory Mapping Mode

This field has two options “Use combined quantity” and “Use warehouse mapping”

“Use combined quantity” will import all the DEAR’s warehouse quantities to the StoreAutomator’s default warehouse.

“Use warehouse mapping” will consider the mapping user set between the DEAR’s warehouses and StoreAutomator’s warehouses.


If the “Inventory Mapping Mode” is selected as “Use warehouse mapping”, the user must select “Default Inventory Location” so we can send orders and import quantities. This field represents the fallback value in case a warehouse could not be found and there is a mapping missing.


The rest of the settings represent StoreAutomator’s warehouses. The user must select the DEAR’s warehouse from the dropdown for that specific warehouse.


Carrier Mapping

The user must complete carrier mappings so we can correctly send carrier information to the dear during order forwarding.

The left-hand side represents actual shipping information that comes from the source channel. The right-hand side represents DEAR’s carrier options. These will be auto-populated if channel API connection settings are complete.

There is a “Carrier/Ship Method/Service Level” notation here. The user must put 2 “/” even if some value is missing, so we can correctly map the values to DEAR’s.


Quantity Import

There are two important notes to keep in mind:

-        The user must select all StoreAutomator’s warehouses to use under the DEAR Channel > Channel > Channel Settings > Common > Warehouses


-        The user must include all inventory items in the DEAR channel.

These will ensure that we can import all the quantities from the DEAR for all the warehouses.

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