How to Filter Your Products with Category Codes

You can filter your products according to their local categories in StoreAutomator by category codes. This will save you time when reviewing or editing your product data. Filtering using your category codes will also simplify your work especially if you have lots of local categories in SA. 

Each local category that is created in SA has a unique code and you can use this code to filter. The category codes can be seen after you click Edit Product>Category tab.


The filtering feature is available for both inventory and channel level.

Here are the steps:

1- Go to Inventory>Products and click “New Filter”. If you want to use this action on channel level go to Channel>Channel Products and click “New Filter”.


2- Provide a filter name, start adding “Product.MainCategoryCode” to the field name and copy the category code to the value box.


After clicking the save button, the system will gather all products which belong to the specific category code.


Creating a filter on inventory level doesn’t reflect at the channel level but only at the inventory level. However, creating a filter on channel level IS valid for all channels. With this in mind, you don’t need to create new filters for each channel separately.

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