Walmart Product ID Update-SKU Update and Combinations of them

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If you are receiving “ The system cannot perform the update on the offer. The SKU and ProductId combination is incorrect. Update the SKU or ProductId and reattempt.”, the problem might be caused by your SKU in StoreAutomator differing from the Product ID found on Walmart Seller Central.


There are two ways to address this error - using “Bulk Editor” or exporting the “Walmart-skuupdate” and “Walmart-productidupdate” custom fields as a bulk file.

Using Bulk Editor:

1-Find and Select your product then click the “Bulk Edit” and “Product Inventory Data”.


 2-“Walmart” to the search box, click the fields “Walmart-skuupdate” and “Walmart-productidupdate” and click to “Open Bulk Editor”.


3-To update the Product ID for the existing SKU, select “Yes” for “Product ID Update” and select “None” for “SKU update”; or to update the SKU for the existing Product ID, select “Yes” to “SKU Update” and select “None” for “Product ID Update”. When you finalize your settings, click “Save and Close”.


4-Send “Product Data Update” and “Sync” the Channel.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not send both of them as “Yes” or “No”. Otherwise, you cannot update your product because you have to send “Product ID Update” and “SKU Update” separately to Walmart. Therefore you have to always set one of to“None”.


Using Bulk Import

1-Find and select your product. Follow the path “Export Icon>Export Inventory>Custom”.


2-“Walmart” into the searchbox, click the fields “Walmart-skuupdate” and “Walmart-productidupdate” and then click to “Export”.


3-Download the exported file from “Notifications” (top right of page).


4-Open the file in Excel and type “Yes” to “Product ID Update” and type “_NONE_” to “SKU Update” or vice versa.


5-“Upload” the file back into the StoreAutomator.


6-Send “Product Data Update” and “Sync” the Channel.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not send both of them as “Yes” or “No”. Otherwise, you cannot update your product. “Product ID Update” and “SKU Update” MUST be sent separately to Walmart and so one has to be set to “None”.

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